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Bring Your Own Device Made Easy

Use our mobile device management (MDM) tools to easily manage and track your company’s devices. We will guide your company step-by-step in implementing a strategy that will allow your employees to use their preferred device as a to check company e-mail, make company calls and access company information while maintaining security.


  • Deploy secure devices with specific settings and apps installed pre-set on the device.
  • Allow employees to bring in their own devices securely and save the cost of deploying hardware to employees while maintaining security and control of the networked environment.
  • Make working offsite more seamless, ensuring all employees have the access, security and tools they need to be productive.
  • Be platform agnostic; employees don’t need to conform to any specific OS, fully support all platforms.
  • If you already allow employees to bring and use their own devices: enable greater control and security over imported devices.


Centralized Management

Get an entire overview of all the devices brought into your company: PCs, Macs, Android and iOS. See where they are remotely located via GPS, check their connectivity, battery life and much more.

Device Deployment

Our BYOD Service allows remote app push and templated device setup to quickly and easily deploy new devices for use right away.

Remote Settings

Get your users active on WiFi, VPN, Exchange and other tools remotely by adding accounts and editing security settings. Onboarding of new devices is simplified by configuring SSID security and authentication settings, including certificates, in a centralized portal.

Remote Lockdown

In the case of a mobile device being compromised we can remotely lock down the device and change the password so that no sensitive information can be accessed. A remote message is left on the screen in the case the device was lost and found by someone outside your organization.

Remote Wipe

In more extreme circumstances, devices can be selectively wiped to keep important confidential information safe.

Remote Device Troubleshooting

Remotely clear passcodes or erase data when compromised. We will remotely monitor devices and remotely manage Macs and PCs.