Business Continuity

Xunity offers premier business continuity solutions designed to maximize a company’s ability to manage and recover from a disaster. Our priority is to protect your data, your technology investment and above all, the continuity of your business in the face of a disaster. By working with you to design a viable disaster recovery plan and providing the technologies and expertise to execute that plan, we can help take the risk out of managing disaster recovery. Disaster recovery planning starts with understanding an organization’s business needs, risk tolerances and regulatory profile. Xunity helps companies manage these factors to create an actionable strategy for the continuity of business, no matter what.

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Cloud and Local Backup

Data is your most valuable asset and partnering with us can guarantee its security. Rather than completing irregular on-site, backups that aren’t secure, trust us to create and maintain a safe haven for your information with secure remote backups. Effective offsite data storage and disaster recovery plans are central to successful, uninterrupted operations.

Although certain tangibles may be insured, the uninsurable losses due to customer dissatisfaction and possible desertion are problematic. Customers expect you to continue providing service, shareholders expect the business to remain operational, employees expect their livelihoods to be protected and insurance companies expect due care to be exercised.

Our secure client web access portal allows for easy file look-up if a disruption occurs. A user can download a copy of the file from the secure portal and replace it to its original location on the home server.


Xunity can provide redundant and fail-over connections for Internet, Phone, VoIP and all other essential services to ensure that your lifelines never go down.

File and Privacy Management

We work with our clients to improve personnel turnover speed to be sure that former employee files are kept private and new employees get up to speed and integrated immediately.

Hosted Exchanged & Hosted File Servers

Email access and retrieval is an essential component of any disaster recovery strategy. Xunity's Hosted Exchange service establishes secure, indelible records of all messages that pass through the Exchange server and stores them in a separate location. By utilizing our Hosted Exchange and Hosted File Servers, clients can access their email and files from any location deemed as a workable site during a disaster.