Xunity's Network Team consists of professionals who design and implement total network solutions for all kinds of businesses. We focus on the innovative technologies and customized solutions essential to keeping pace with rapidly changing market landscapes and service expectations.

Our expert team installs and manages the servers, firewalls, storage, and network infrastructure necessary to keep your systems on the cutting edge of business and technology, creating custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Our team will also oversee the upgrade and optimization of existing network configurations. As businesses expand and technology changes, the demands placed on a corporate network also change. Added users, heavier traffic, expanding capabilities and increased storage needs all place pressures on network infrastructures which must be addressed to ensure maximum reliability. We provide the forward-thinking and maintenance services necessary for our clients to get the most out of their investment in their critical network infrastructure.

Xunity specializes in providing private networks for clients who require high-quality, immediate and reliable telecommunications. We offer high speed, high availability data networks to deliver critical information and applications to distant branches within an organization. With dedicated data lines, multiple voice and data systems can be folded into one robust, secure, fast connection.

Xunity can provide telecommunication lines of any bandwidth level and complete the installation and connectivity of these lines. We offer load-balancing and redundant “fail-over” lines to further mitigate the risk of downtime and respond to a disaster recovery situation. We are also the first Internet Service Provider to offer redundant network connectivity.

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Network Design

Uniting your office systems can increase productivity and merge valued components. Trust your network design and security to Xunity's experienced team of network specialists.

Your network infrastructure design is a vital component of your office space, while cabling and switches are a critical element in the backbone of your network. Laying the proper groundwork for the connections between your office machines and peripherals will ensure smooth communication between all users connected to your network.

In an established office, one may find a tangle of cascading hubs and mini switches, born from rapid expansion and poor IT advice. Troubleshooting is made infinitely more difficult and time-consuming when a network is poorly designed. Xunity can consolidate and improve your existing layout to ensure that your resources are being used to their full potential, and recommend dependable solutions to optimize your network security.

Network Documentation

Xunity can create a detailed, easy to read network topology to provide you with a greater understanding of your hardware and software. This allows you to keep track of machines, peripherals, user data, software and any other aspects of your network. Network documentation also allows outside consultants to easily and familiarize themselves with your structure.

Network Documentation makes disaster recovery and business continuity more streamlined and less stressful. It also allows less technically-inclined staff to administrate and approve changes to the network. This footprint will guide you through future upgrades, troubleshooting and potential disasters with greater confidence.