Office IT Relocation

Moving your business can be a challenging time. Having Xunity assist you with your move can benefit your business by getting it setup promptly and effectively. We have assisted with many moves and often bundle them with services like Network Design.

Other Installations

Xunity can install anything technology related. Relocation of equipment can be complicated at times because of the hassles involved in the connections. Computers, servers, copiers, fax machines and even televisions…we’ve got you covered.

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Office Relocation Services

Transfer of Equipment

Moving all of your office equipment to a new space can be a challenging time. Computers, servers, telephones and other equipment need to be moved. Xunity can help move your equipment. We will disconnect and reinstall the devices and even test them to ensure proper working condition in your new space.

Audio and Video Installation

A new office may require audio and video equipment either for the entrance or in a conference room. We have the ability to provide the necessary tools to get the sound and picture quality to perfection. Our talented technicans will deliver, install and test the devices to ensure they operate at the most optimal level. We have the ability to bring the latest technology in audio and video equipment, ensuring your office the best quality.


A new office space also means setting the cabling to ensure computers, printers and other hardware is set up in accordance with your vision. This is not a problem for Xunity. Our technicians can install telephone lines, data cables and even video cabling for your office. We use only the best in certified cables that meet all safety standards. After we install we run vigorous tests to ensure proper configuration and meet our high technical standards. We even provide a warranty on our workmanship so if an issue was to occur, it will be rectified promptly.

Hardware Procurement

Dealing with a move may mean you are expanding and have hired new staff and they’re going to need equipment. Our business has partners that give us the ability to get the right equipment at prices that suit your budget. We can purchase new computers, televisions, phones, printers, fax machines and other equipment for your business.