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Toronto, Ontario, M4J 3T3

Phone: (416) 469-5008
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On-site Desktop Support - 60 Minutes or less

We will have a technician onsite in 60 minutes or less, guaranteed. Our downtown Toronto location allows us to be responsive to your office when an issue arises. Don’t wait for support to come from the suburbs. Every minute spent waiting for your issue to be resolved is lost productivity that costs your business money and frustrates employees and clients alike.

Outsourced Expertise

Our technicians have a depth and breadth of IT experience that can’t be replicated by an in-house IT staff. Some of our techs been in the field for decades, serving hundreds of clients. Xunity technicians have the latest technical training and are current on all the newest technologies. Our diverse staff gives us the distinct advantage of having a wide range of experiences to draw from when working to resolve difficult situations. Chances are, no matter what your problem is, someone on our team has seen it at least once before. Get the benefits of our team’s experience without having to spend years and untold resources developing your own IT department.

On-Site Apple Support

Bypass the chore of having to visit a busy mall to get your Apple hardware supported. Xunity will come to your office to service your Apple hardware. While the majority of businesses utilize PCs, several of our current clients use Apple products and enjoy the convenience and security that our support provides. We support all desktop, laptop and mobile Apple Devices. We perform services such as hardware repair, software upgrades, software troubleshooting, networking and backup.

One Number, One Email

Our goal is to make technology simpler. When you have an issue, you have one phone number and one email address to remember. You’ll be instantly connected to someone who can help you with your issue. After-hours support is available if required and you will enjoy the full availability of our team during core business hours.

On-Site Windows Desktop Support

On-Site Windows Desktop Support Service Includes:

  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Antivirus  and Malware Eradication
  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Hardware Procurement and Set-Up (cost of hardware additional)
  • Desktop configuration: Networking, Email and Security