Business VoIP Services

What’s VoIP exactly?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology uses the same protocols that power the Internet to transmit high quality voice communications as digital data instead of dedicated phone circuits. IP-based telephony offers numerous benefits versus traditional phone systems, including reducing the cost of long-distance calling, unifying messaging systems, and easily scaling to accommodate additional users. VoIP can also be deployed to radically reduce the cost of connecting geographically distant offices or accommodate employees who work remotely.

Fully Managed VoIP Service Provider – Means we take care of everything.

Business VoIP systems can be complex and time consuming to deploy and manage for the average user. That is why Xunity provides fully managed VoIP services. We host the switches, telecom equipment and phone lines in our data centre.  With our VoIP service there are no capital costs, meaning you only pay for the service; we include the phones.

Fully managed VoIP is the ideal complement to Xunity's managed server hosting, creating a totally hassle-free solution for telecommunications as well as information technology.

Direct Ringdown Line

Direct Ringdown Line ensures a reliable voice connection service.

The Direct Line will provide your firm with a private direct connection from point to point for anyone on the network without the worry of a busy signal or missed call. Brokerages and other trading partners can rest assured that Xunity's Direct Line / Ringdown Line will enhance day to day productivity and efficiency.

We configure end points so that dialling is not required to connect calls. Our VoIP technology is compatible with various telephone and systems being utilized today.

Instant Group Calls

Allows instant set-up of a conference bridge for any amount of telephone numbers,
which is especially useful as an emergency line or for recurring team meetings.
Can be used with Push to Talk to simulate paging functionality.

Distinctive Alert/Ringing

Provides a different ringing cadence for calls that meet specified criteria.

Voice Messaging

Voice Messaging allows users to customize their personal greetings. Users can also listen to, forward, delete or save each received voice message. During playback, users can fast forward, skip, rewind or pause messages.  Our system allows you to have different types of greetings, making it truly yours. You can even get voice mails going straight to your e-mail with an attached file of the voicemail.

Sequantial Ring

Allows users to have up to five phone numbers ring in a specified sequence, so
they never miss a call.

Auto-Attendant (Inbound Voice Redirect)

Allows callers to receive a voice recording that is fully tailored to your business’ needs as well as structuring the menu system exactly the way you see fit.